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EDTC 6343

Page history last edited by Christine Claudio 10 years, 12 months ago




Link to Work Submitted
  Week 1 
1-27-13  Week 2



1-26-2013 Week 3   practice_test1_6343.61_Christine_Claudio.pptx
1-26-2013 Week 4  Excel_6343.61_Christine_Claudio.xlsx
2-3-2013  work in progress 

Competency 301_D_CLAUDIO_CHRISTINE.pptx  


2-10-2013  Week 4 

6343.60_Christine_Claudio_Mr. Haddad.docx  

Concept Map:

  Week 5   
2-18-2-24-2013 Week 6  PowerPoint B _Butterfly_Claudio.pptx  
2-18-2-24-2013 Diigo Post 

Why Teach with Project-Based Learning?: Providing Students With a Well-Rounded Classroo

Gayle , Juan Betancourt,Edna Orozco, Adam Hodve,April Canales-Perez, Jessica Burnia, Georgina Salas,Isabela Cabrea, Heather Luna, Ana A. Cavazos, Cesar Mata, and Albert Rodriguez 

2-25-3-3-2013  Week 7  Excel B: Labor_cost_Christine_Claudio_6343_60.xlsx
  Week 8   
  Week 9   
3.24.13  Week 10  Case Study 2.C.Claudio.docx  
4-1-13-4-7-13  Week 11 

C.Mr. Swartz.pptx 


Ms. Newbury.xlsx  

 Case Study 3_Miss_Martinez.docx







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God, bless my assignments!

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